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Paver Sealing & Restoration in Royal Palm Beach, FL

Are you fed up with looking at the pavers on your driveway, pool deck, walkways, or other areas of your property? Do you find yourself falling down in the rain and trying to get to your car quickly? It might be the right time to seal your pavers and resurface them!

Tom Lewis Professional Maintenance is a trusted and experienced paver contractor in Royal Palm Beach.

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We look forward to working on your residential or commercial property .

How We Work

Inspection & Repairs

Although repairs are not necessary every time, they can be necessary to ensure perfect pavers after the job is done.

The Tom Lewis Professional Maintenance Royal Palm Beach crew is on hand to inspect your pavers and conduct a walkthrough. We will let you know if repairs are necessary and offer the best options. 


We will begin by steam cleaning the pavers. We steam clean pavers because it penetrates the pores and removes any dirt, mildew, or other contaminants that might be below the surface.

This is crucial because any oil, dirt, or other debris that is left behind will show up after the sealer has been applied. To remove any oil, stains, gunk, or debris left behind in cracks, you can apply a stain remover or specialty cleaner. It is now time to let the pavers dry after we have cleaned them thoroughly.

Re-sanding with joint sand or Polymeric Sand

A thorough steam cleaning is followed by the application of joint sand or polymeric sand. This is an important step in sealing and restoring your pavers. The joint sand fills in cracks and joints between pavers and binds them together to form a strong and smooth surface.

This is an important step to prevent crawling insects, such as ants and weeds, from getting into your pavers’ cracks and joints.


Once the polymeric sand is applied and has cooled, we will begin sealing the pavers. We only use the highest-quality sealers available from the best companies on the market. There are many products that can be tailored to your needs.

This will protect your pavers from the elements and make it easier to clean them in the future.

The sealer should last between 3 and 5 years, depending on how much traffic is done and how exposed to the elements. There are many sealers that can be used to enhance the look of your pavers.

Benefits of Paver Sealing & Restoration

  • Easier Cleaning– Paver sealants provide a protective layer to prevent environmental contaminants from sticking to the surface. Property owners will enjoy faster and more efficient cleaning over the years.
  • Prevents Staining- Professional paver sealing can remove stains and discoloration caused by chemicals and rust. It will also reduce damage from pollutants and/or freeze-thaw cycles.
  • Effective Washing Process- Pavers can be cleaned with special pressure washing methods that do not require the use of harmful chemicals or cleaning agents. Property owners can remove dirt, grime, and mold from porous surfaces with no worry.

Why choose Tom Lewis Professional Maintenance for paver sealing & restoration in Royal Palm Beach?

We can restore natural stones or install flawless pavements. No job is too small for us. That’s what we do best. Protecting what’s most important means that there will be no disappointment over the years.

Our team is happy to give you a quote for paver sealing in Royal Palm Beach. We will also guide you through every step of the procedure. This is an important step in protecting your home and business from any damage, slippage, or other issues. We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service at fair rates.

Although one can seal and restore pavers by themselves, we wish them all the best. Paver restoration and sealing require more than simply spraying and rolling a sealer over the surface.


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We are very happy that our customers are always satisfied. Their positive feedback motivates us.

“Tom Lewis Professional Maintenance has been my go-to pressure washing company for years. Their team is reliable, professional, and always goes the extra mile to ensure that I am satisfied with their work.”

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