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Deck & Fence Cleaning in North Palm Beach, FL

North Palm Beach Deck & Fence Cleaning

If you’ve invested the money into a deck or fence, you want it to add to the appearance of your home — not detract from it. Humidity and unpredictable weather can create ideal conditions for algae and bacterial growth, putting your deck and fence at risk for deterioration.

Scrubbing the deck or fence by hand or washing it with a hose may remove surface-level grime. But removing the deeper layers of dirt, mildew, and algae that may creep onto your home’s exterior is far more challenging. It’s best to enlist professional deck & fence cleaning services to get a thorough clean. Are you searching for Deck & Fence Cleaning in North Palm Beach? Tom Lewis Professional Maintenace is the most reputed company that leading the pride.

At Tom Lewis Professional Maintenance, we can ensure a sparkling clean deck and fence every time and protect your investment.


Deck and Fence Cleaning

Cleaning With Care

Pressure washing requires a careful hand to ensure the integrity of the materials we clean. Our professional deck and fence cleaning services include a technique called “soft washing.” We adjust the water pressure and sprayer to allow for a gentler clean, protecting your property while removing all dirt and grime.

This technique is especially useful for painted wooden surfaces. We can use the effective cleaning power of pressure washing to peel away stubborn layers of mildew, dirt, dust, and algae without damaging the paint job beneath.

Tom Lewis Professional Maintenance will treat your home with care and respect. We value your satisfaction and comfort, and we understand the importance of a beautiful home exterior. Our deck and fence cleaning services can restore your property to its cleanest state while protecting your hard work and personal design details.

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