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Commercial Pressure Washing North Palm Beach, FL

Best Commercial Pressure Washing in North Palm Beach

Keep your business looking clean and professional with our commercial pressure washing services from Tom Lewis Professional Maintenance in North Palm Beach, Florida. Call today!

When customers visit your business, they immediately judge it based on its overall cleanliness. Would you want to patronize a business with black streaks, oil stains, foul odors, or graffiti on its windows? Of course not. As a business owner, your hands are already full, running day-to-day operations. You have little time left over for commercial-size cleaning jobs. Are you searching for commercial pressure washing in North Palm Beach? Tom Lewis Professional Maintenance is the most reputed company that leading the pride.

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North Palm Beach Commercial Pressure Washing Service

We offer a range of commercial pressure washing and power washing services in North Palm Beach, including:

Building Washing

Florida's hot and humid climate causes algae, mold, mildew, and moss to grow quickly. Using a commercial pressure washer and premium-grade cleaning solutions, our team will blast away built-up dirt, mold, and plant growth, eliminating the grime without damaging your building's exterior.

Oil Removal

Oil stains are stubborn and difficult to remove, but our cleaning detergent has the power to break through the buildup and deteriorate the grease. After we finish, the area will be clean, spotless, and oil-free.

Dumpster Pad Cleaning

Is there anything worse than customers smelling your dumpsters? Our team will use special equipment and commercial-grade cleaners to remove health hazards, stains, rotting foods, liquid, and grime from your dumpster pad so it looks—and smells—great.

Drive-Thru Cleaning

Restaurant drive-throughs require special maintenance to remove the many oil stains, grime, and tire marks from the daily parade of cars. Our commercial pressure washing services will keep your drive-through looking clean and professional for every customer.

Gum Removal

Old chewing gum can derail the professional look of your business and sidewalks. We can remove even the oldest chewing gum safely and quickly from your property without damaging the surrounding surface.

Commerical Pressure Washing

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti is a huge problem for many urban businesses, but our team of experts will provide you with fast and effective removal. We can eliminate paint from any building material, ensuring that no trace remains behind.

Restaurant Cleaning

The cleanliness of your restaurant is arguably more important than the quality of the food you serve. Our team will tackle your kitchens, equipment, floors, common areas, windows, and more, leaving your restaurant sparkling clean and ready for business.

Garage Cleaning

Commercial garages can become very dirty from months of oil, grease, soot, and exhaust buildup. Plus, the grime is hazardous for your employees and customers. We use commercial pressure washers and special detergents to go over every detail, leaving your garage spotless.

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