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Window Cleaning in North Palm Beach, FL

North Palm Beach Window Cleaning

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At Tom Lewis Professional Maintenance, we take the quality of our work and our customers’ satisfaction very seriously. Our experts provide commercial and residential window services in North Palm Beach, Florida, using special equipment and premium-grade cleaning products. After we finish, the only thing we leave behind is clean windows—and a streak-free shine. Searching for Window Cleaning near me? Look no further.

Tom Lewis Professional Maintenance: Serving Palm Beach, FL

Our process is simple: Provide our customers with high-quality, affordable services that will always exceed their expectations. Here’s the breakdown of our services and what they include:
window cleaning services

Residential Window Cleaning

Take a look around: How clean are your windows? If you can see dirt, grime, streaks, scratches, and dust, it’s time to call a professional. However, we know that our customers in North Palm Beach lead busy lives and don’t have a lot of time to wash windows. That’s where we come in. Our team of specialists will keep your home beautiful, extend the lifespan of your windows, and make your house look warm and inviting. We’ll save you time and effort and ensure that you don’t have to undertake the risky job yourself. We can handle any window type, including:
  • Interior and exterior
  • High or vaulted
  • Skylights
  • Storm windows
In addition, we also provide services for:
  • Detailing and edging
  • Sill and frame cleaning
  • Mineral deposit removal

Commercial Window Cleaning

No matter how many windows your business has, keeping them clean is an essential part of regular maintenance. Our experts have the power washers and advanced cleaning equipment to handle any commercial windows, no matter what type. We offer cleaning services for heat-strengthened, tempered, Low-E, insulated, annealed, and other custom glass types.

Our cleaners always take extreme caution and care when cleaning dirty windows and never leave scratches on the glass surface. We use scrubbers, power washers, soft brushes, and squeegees to impart a streak-free shine on every job.

commercial window cleaning services

Why Should You Invest in Professional Window Cleaning?

At Tom Lewis Professional Maintenance, we know how difficult it is to take on the job of window washing, whether it’s interior or exterior. Investing in professional window cleaning services in North Palm Beach can provide many benefits. Here’s how our team of window cleaners can help you in North Palm Beach:

  • Reduce allergens by eliminating dust, dirt, pollen, and debris
  • Extend the lifespan of your windows, sills, and frames
  • Increase the amount of natural light inside your home or business
  • Improve the view by eliminating streaks, dirt, and grime
  • Boost curb appeal and aesthetic to keep your home or business looking beautiful

We Are Top-Rated Window Cleaners in North Palm Beach, FL

We’re proud to serve North Palm Beach, Florida, with residential and commercial window cleaning services. Call us at Tom Lewis Professional Maintenance today at (561) 729-5095 to request your estimate from our window washing specialists.