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Tom Lewis Professional Maintenance is a painting company in North Palm Beach. It is a privately owned company offering top-quality interior & exterior painting, pressure washing  and window cleaning services. Our commitment to outstanding performance and an excellent customer experience makes us the top home maintenance choice for residential and commercial clients. We are the most reputed company in the industry and we take pride in being the industry leaders. We understand that advancement in terms of technology and science is impacting all the spheres of our lives. So, is the case in the field of interior painting, exterior painting and other services that we provide. Although we are the industry leaders, we do not sit back and enjoy that comfort. Instead, we remain abreast with the industry advancement and keep up to date with the latest advancements and breakthroughs in our industry to make sure that we provide top notch services to our clients. Are you searching for painting company in Palm Beach Gardens? Tom Lewis Professional Maintenace is the most reputed company that leading the pride.

Tom Lewis moved to South Florida in 2000 with his family. As a boy, he developed a strong interest in the painting craft by watching his dad, a professional painter and local painting business owner. At the age of 12, Tom began working side by side with his dad during vacations and off-school times. Under his father’s mentorship, Tom Lewis gained a wealth of knowledge about interior and exterior painting. Time after time, he saw his dad commit to and deliver the best possible results on each painting project, large or small. Thus, Tom learned the importance of professional skills, quality materials, an exemplary work ethic, and first-class customer service.

In 2021, Tom unexpectedly lost his father. This family tragedy spurred him to pursue his passion for painting, pressure washing and home maintenance and start Tom Lewis Professional Maintenance. Tom’s goal was to create a business that would make his dad proud and implement all he had learned from working with his father over the years. Tom aims to provide the best interior and exterior painting and power washing services. It’s not just a business but more than business since there is a family attachment and the founder’s years of goodwill and expertise is at stake. 

Tom Lewis Professional is committed to providing high-end craftsmanship. Besides, Tom Lewis Professional is also committed to working with quality materials and paints. The quality of products used in our work also impacts the end result and the longevity of a project. So, we want to maintain rigorous safety while serving a client and deliver the work not just to complete projects but to make sure that the outcome translates into value for money for our clients. We strive towards delivering services that translate into longevity for our clients. 

No matter if you are looking for residential or commercial interior painting in North Palm Beach, Tom Lewis Professional Maintenance got you covered. The occasion could be anything. You might want to smarten up your home with a fresh coat of paint or you could be moving into a new property and want to paint the interior as per your likings. Interior painting becomes more important when someone is looking to sell a property. So, if you are in the property flipping business or in real estate and want to make sure that the new leads appreciate the value of your property, there is no alternative to a fresh coat of interior paint to complement your property.

At Tom Lewis, we paint the ceiling and walls in any area of your home, including: Living Rooms, Kitchens, Basements, Bedroom, Hallways, and more. We start every project by moving furniture and covering up surfaces to avoid damage to your property. At the end of the job, we leave a tidy worksite so you can enjoy your freshly painted room right away.

Repainting your home’s exterior will instantly enhance curb appeal and improve your property’s value. If you’re putting your home on the market, a sparkling new coat of paint will help attract buyers. At Tom Lewis Professional Maintenance, we cut no corners. We tackle every outdoor painting project with a thorough work process that includes: Removing dirt, debris, and old paint, Pressure washing and priming the surface, and Painting the home exterior with fresh paint, applying several coats if necessary. Are you searching for painting company north palm beach? Tom Lewis Professional Maintenace is the most reputed company that leading the pride.

Apart from residential & commercial interior and exterior painting, Tom Lewis Professional Maintenance also provides Pressure Washing and Window Cleaning services. You can get to know more about Tom Lewis Professional by visiting

When customers visit your business, they immediately judge it based on its overall cleanliness. Would you want to patronize a business with black streaks, oil stains, foul odors, or graffiti on its windows? Of course not. As a business owner, your hands are already full, running day-to-day operations. You have little time left over for commercial-size cleaning jobs. So, no matter if it is commercial pressure washing, residential pressure washing, deck and fence pressure washing, or any other type of pressure washing service that you are looking for, Tom Lewis professional got your covered. 

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