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Paver Sealing & Restoration in Lake Worth

Who wouldn’t want their patio, patio, walkways, and sidewalks to look great? Tom Lewis Professional Maintenance will visit your property to clean all paved surfaces and give you the best restoration service in Lake Worth and the surrounding area.


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How We Work


The surface being sealed will determine the type of sealer that is used. We use a different type of sealer to seal a pool deck than a driveway for safety reasons.


A driveway seal job should be able to protect your driveway from oil drips and car tire marks. A pool deck seal job is to improve the appearance of pavers and create a safety barrier.


You can be sure that your driveway, walkways and paths, decks, patios, and pool areas will all be sealed and maintained year-round when you trust us with your paver sealing needs.


Our expert paver sealing and stain-proofing services will take care of any discoloration, stains, and wear that may occur over time. This will also ensure that your pavers are more resilient to climate change.


Pavers can also fade naturally over time if they aren’t sealed and coated frequently. You might have to replace the pavers, which can be very costly. Our paver cleaning and stain-proofing services are well-planned and executed to save you all the hassle and expense.


Benefits of Paver Sealing & Restoration


A professional paver sealing job can restore the pavers’ natural color and protect them from dirt, mildew, and stains.


While sealing your pavers can help prolong the life of your surfaces, it is not always enough. After cleaning your pavers, we seal them.


Grease, oil, and rust are the most common culprits. They are also often difficult to remove from unsealed pavers since they are so easily absorbed.


Additionally, unsealed pavers retain water over extended periods of time, which makes them ideal for staining oil, leaves, spills, etc.


Unsealed pavers can be a prime source of mildew and mold growth. Here’s a quick overview of the reasons why pavers should be sealed:


  • Protects from the intense Florida sun, and other natural elements
  • Inhibits weed growth, insect intrusion, and algae.
  • Enhances the appearance of pavers and adds curb appeal to your home.
  • Beautifies your home
  • Stabilizes the paver jointing sand by locking it in place
  • Protect brick pavers against oil, rust, irrigation, and other stains

Why choose Tom Lewis Professional Maintenance for paver sealing & restoration in Lake worth?


We provide fast and free estimates. In addition to assessing the size of your job and assessing drainage and problem areas, we can also make recommendations for repairs or preparations for your sealing project.


Our team of experts will design and install brick pavers in a variety of sizes and shapes to meet your needs. We use high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting beauty for many years.


Protect your property

To avoid causing damage to property and plants, we use low pressure.


We Care

To ensure that a job is completed safely and well, we always take extra time.


Rinse & Cover

Exterior outlets are covered, and the landscaping is regularly rinsed.



We invest in training that other contractors don’t have.


You are safe and protected.

Safety is number one. Safety is the number one priority for all professionals.


Customer Testimonials about us


We believe in long-term relationships and building trust with our customers. We get positive feedback because of this. They were able to meet all their expectations and recommended our services to others.


Tom Lewis Professional Maintenance did an outstanding job pressure washing my patio and outdoor furniture. The results were amazing! They exceeded my expectations in terms of quality and customer service.” – Joyana

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