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How often should I get pressure cleaning done on my property?

The frequency of pressure cleaning your property depends on various factors, including the type of surface, the amount of foot traffic, and the level of environmental exposure. However, as a general rule of thumb, it’s recommended to get pressure cleaning done at least once a year.


For high traffic areas like driveways and walkways, it may be necessary to get them cleaned more frequently, such as every six months or even quarterly, to maintain their appearance and prevent damage. Similarly, areas exposed to harsh elements like rain, wind, and sunlight may require more frequent cleaning to prevent dirt and debris buildup, discoloration, and deterioration.



Another factor to consider is the type of surface being cleaned. For example, certain surfaces like concrete and brick may require more frequent pressure cleaning due to their porous nature and tendency to collect dirt and grime.


It’s also important to note that regular pressure cleaning can not only improve the appearance of your property but can also extend the life of your surfaces by preventing damage caused by dirt, debris, and environmental exposure.


With the right tools and proper handling, power washing can provide unsurpassed results in a variety of exterior cleaning jobs, including:

  • Deck and fence cleaning
  • Driveway cleaning
  • Gutter cleaning
  • House cleaning
  • Patio cleaning
  • Paver cleaning and preparing pavers for sealing
  • Roof cleaning
  • Screen enclosure cleaning
  • Sidewalk cleaning


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