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Paver Sealing & Restoration in Boynton Beach

Are your paver problems a problem in the Boynton Beach Area? These and other natural problems can cause pavers to become worn over time. Tom Lewis Professional Maintenance will fix them.

We can seal any pavers, whether they are brick patios, brick patios, travertine, marble, or other types of pavers. Tom Lewis Professional Maintenance will give your pavers a natural or glossy sheen to make them stand out and impress guests.

How We Work

Concrete pavers don’t require much maintenance. However, how well they are taken care of will determine how long they last. Our paver sealing and cleaning service will keep your pavers in top condition.

Our team will inspect your property and remove any dirt, grime, and debris from the pavers’ surfaces and crevices. To protect your pavers from natural wear and tear, we apply a professional-grade sealant.

This investment will continue to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property if you take care of it. Our team will ensure that your pavers are properly maintained when you book our paver sealing service.

First, we will remove all furniture from the paved areas. We will then use professional paving tools and equipment to clean the crevices of your pavers.

To thoroughly clean your pavers, our team will use pressure washers to remove all debris. Then, we’ll prepare the area for cleaning with our detergent. Our highly-trained team will clean your pavers with pressure washers and professional-grade concrete sealant.


We look forward to working on your residential or commercial property .

Benefits of Paver Sealing & Restoration

Your pavers will be safer if they are sealed properly. Slip resistance is a benefit of sealing your pavers. This will lessen their risk of falling. Oily patches can form from hazardous materials, which increase the likelihood of a fall. These substances can be removed by cleaning your pavers, and sealing them will prevent them from building up.

A glossy, natural appearance is not something that will last. Proper paver sealing gives your paver a fresh, clean look that will last. You will instantly notice the difference by seeing.

Time is not your friend when it comes to dirty pavers. If you don’t wash your pavers, they will only get dirtier and cause more damage. Your pavers will become more susceptible to harmful substances, making them less durable. 

Dirty pavers can also reduce curb appeal. Black streaks can make pavers look dull and even cause them to lose their natural colors. If you don’t take care of your pavers, they will become dull and worn underneath the filth.

Why choose Tom Lewis Professional Maintenance for paver sealing & restoration in Boynton?

Our paver sealing services are designed to make your driveway look beautiful and maintain its integrity. Our sealants are a special blend that protects against water penetration, UV radiations, and moss growth while also giving your driveway a polished, clean look.

Our restoration process can restore the original shine to your driveway by removing stains and restoring eroded areas. We also have the ability to change the color of your driveway.

Do not trust any company to handle such an important job. Call Tom Lewis Professional Maintenance at Boynton Beach Paving Services today for high-quality results you can count upon!

Tom Lewis Professional Maintenance has experience in repairing pavers damaged by many causes. Your pavers will be repaired faster, which reduces the chance of it becoming a larger problem. 

No matter what kind of damage your pavers have sustained, our paver repair service can help restore them to their original condition.


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Customer Testimonials about us

We were praised by our clients for our outstanding customer service. Their pavers looked great, and they were happy. We are confident we can also satisfy you.

“I highly recommend Tom Lewis Professional Maintenance for their exceptional pressure washing services. They transformed my driveway from dirty and grimy to sparkling clean in no time. Their team is professional, courteous, and highly skilled.” – Mark

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